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Love of A Father

Today, when Caius was half-blur finishing his milk and accidentally drop his glass bottle and broke it. My first reaction is "clean it up THOROUGHLY, watch out every inch of the floor, and make sure there is no more pieces of broken glass on the floor", because I don't want him to get hurt. 

During the cleaning, I have a revelation, and yes, I said "A REVELATION"! 

I "realize" that the love of a father is not by conditions,it is all natural, I love Caius, I never think of what he would do to repay the love I have for him, and it is obviously not because of what he do or he don't do that makes me love him. It is just purely love just because he is my son. Then come to my mind that the opposite role,  the son, do not have that "love" from the beginning. It is always conditional, it is always depending on WHAT OR HOW MUCH the father DO that deserve the son's love. 

We measure how much we are loved then we love. The adopted children always love the foster parents more than their physical parents because what the foster parents did/do for them. 

So now I understand the verse 1 John 4:19, " We love because He first loved us". Without the initiative of the love of Father, we as son, would not love the Father. 

When I see things given to me from my father, I love Him, I appreciate, but when things are not on my expectation, I doubt and I don't love him. It become sometime I love, sometime I don't, just depending on what He do and give. How shallow and realistic am I! 

I am still learning to love without conditions, that means "love the Father even things are not falling on my way". 

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