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How to choose formula milk?

The best food for infant is breastmilk, undoubtedly, nutrition value is very very much higher than formula. Pediatrician always recommend mothers to breastfeed at least 6 month, but after 6 month or 1 year, which formula shall I choose for my baby? I had asked a few pediatricians for recommendation, the answer is always whichever brand is ok, as my baby is NORMAL. The answer is not "satisfying" me, I go on google online, searching and reading articles about it. And I still could not find any website telling me the straightforward answer, to choose "A" or "B" or "C". 

One day, I visited a pharmacy in Kota Kemuning. There are many choices, whole rack is full or formulas, each brand have about 3-6 different type of formula. "Gosh, how to select from there?" 

Then I asked the pharmacist, what is her recommendation? she asked me a few questions,

1. How old is my baby?

2. Is you baby weight normal or underweight ?

3. Does your baby has constipation?

4. Is your baby having allergic to lactose or cow milk? 

Then I realize that there are different formula for different age of infant/toddler, and if baby is underweight, she will recommend the formula which is "sweeter" in order for the baby to gain weight, and if there is constipation issues, there is a formula with easy digest.

If baby is allergic to cow milk then there is selection for goat's milk and soy milk. 

And there is also an organic formula.

If everything is ok, then just go with cow milk formula. Just like what I had read from the parenting website, "START with cow's milk-based formula", only when there is some reaction like gassy, rash, etc, then switch to other formula, but of course better get pediatrician advise. 

There are a few concerns, like is there enough iron, DHA, probiotic/prebiotic,etc. Most formula milk come with iron and DHA or Omega 3 & 6, and for probiotic and prebiotic, certain brand they formula it into the milk powder. So really is whichever brand it would be good enough. 

There are some advises and comments that I think is useful or it could be point of ponder. 

1. Always go for brand names, don't go for generic, even if the ingredient is the similar but it doesn't mean it is the same. Another thing I concern is the food safety, the process hygiene. I always trust the big name, even I have to pay more. 

2. Goat's milk is not replacement for cow's milk allergic infant. Because the protein in cow's milk and goat's milk are similar. 

3. Don’t splurge on organic, there hasn't been any data showing there's differences between organic and normal regular formula. But if you can afford or you felt peace on organic formula, just go ahead.

4. DHA myth..

"As noted in Features, almost all brands of formula sold in the U.S. are now fortified with DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and ARA (arachidonic acid), synthesized versions of the essential fatty acids that naturally occur in breast milk. DHA and ARA are added because they are thought to promote healthy eye and brain development, though the chemical structures of extracted DHA/ARA aren't the same as DHA/ARA found in breast milk (and even formulas with DHA and ARA aren't a perfect match for breast milk because breast milk contains hundreds of components that can't be replicated).

Although the Food and Drug Administration allows the addition of these DHA and ARA oils to infant formulas, the scientific evidence to support their use is mixed. Some studies in infants suggest that including these fatty acids may have positive effects on visual function and neural development for formula-fed babies. Other studies question whether any long-term beneficial effects exist. "Researchers who conducted a 2008 meta-analysis found no evidence that these additives are beneficial," says Charlotte Vallaeys, director of farm and food policy at the Cornucopia Institute, a Wisconsin-based nonprofit."

Quoted from US

Another article that I read and I posted on our FB page before, it said " Children over one do not need formula milk, experts say" , it is from Channel Newsasia.

After reading all these, still I have to feed him formula, because he can't sleep without a bottle of milk..








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