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Fever in Little One

Last Sunday evening, my mum found that my little one is "a bit warm" in his body, we were nervous, and we checked his temperature, it is 38.5 degC, we then got VERY nervous, where can we find operating pediatrician at this hour? Most of the children clinic are close during weekend and holiday. 

But luckily we do have Paracetamol with us, so we feed him the medicine and google more information about fever and how to help him release from high temperature. 

Next day morning, we bring him to see pediatrician, and we did asked some questions about fever in babies, so we just want to share this in this article. 


1. Fever is considering the temperature of 38 deg c (100.4 deg F) and above.

We measure by pointing the sensor in the ear, the sensor will prompt when it is over 38 deg C. 

And don't panic, as fever is an indication that baby's immune system is functioning, and fighting against the virus or bacterial, so the body temperature raised.

2. Fever can be viral or bacterial infection. 

Viral infection is caused by Virus, and it is quite "common", it is like common cold, flu, etc. And ANTIBIOTICS ARE NOT REQUIRED, as it has no effect on virus.

Bacterial infection is caused by Bacterial and it is less common, normally it is like ear infection, throat infection, urinary tract infection, etc. ANTIBIOTICS are usually use to treat the illness.

The best way to know is to see the Pediatrician.

3. There is no medicine to treat fever.

Medicine like Paracetamol & Ibuprofen are not treating, it only helps the baby to be more comfortable. For healing from illness, has to depends on baby's own immune system.

And we learned from the pediatrician that the dosage of medicine is based on baby's weight and the strength of the medicine. A general guideline was told, 10mg/kg of baby/dose to 20mg/kg of baby/dose, if a child of 9kg, the amount of dosage is 90mg/dose to 180mg/dose, and if the strength of the paracetamol is 250mg/5ml (which is common from most clinics in Malaysia), the dosage will be from 1.8ml to 3.6ml. 

Normally it is suggested 4-6hours per dose, and not more than 4 doses within 24 hours.

However the actual dosage and frequency for your child, you shall consult pediatrician.

Always consult pediatrician especially your baby is under 3 months old. 

How to lower down the fever?

This is what we had tried, 

1. Put a damp washcloth on baby's forehead or neck, we even use "Kool Fever". If you want to use "Kool Fever", you have to be aware that there are version for 0-2 years old infant and version for toddler and adult. Our problem of using this gel pad is that our boy always turning 360 degree, up and down, so the gel always drop. 

2. Offer him more liquid, water or milk, to keep him hydrated. 

3. Lukewarm bath or lukewarm damp washcloth to wide over his body, help him to lower down the heat.

4. Don't overdress him, we let him wear thin layer of shirt and pyjamas, so he won't get overheat. We had tried to cover him as we afraid he feel cold when he asleep, and we found out that, the body get even hotter, and the temperature seems rising, the heat was trap under the blanket. So we remove the blanket, then the temperature seem dropping.

5. Ventilation of the room is important also, we try to keep the room temperature down by fan and open window. 

6. We had also tried using essential oil, apply on his neck, back, armpit and feet. It seems help our little one to feel more comfortable. 

Always visit a pediatrician if the fever persist, or it comes with other symptoms, like difficult breathing, purple spot or rashes. 

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