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An Un3xpected Early Christmas Wishes

The card was putting on my office table, when I open up and see the card, it makes me feel so warm. Looking at the picture, those little smiling faces, they are just beautiful like sunshine! I am so glad that I have participated this program. 

It has been close to 10 years of sponsoring child through World Vision, first one was from China, after a few years the family moved to other city, out of the coverage of World Vision, then World Vision moved my sponsoring to Myanmar Child. I don't read their language, but they translate to me, seeing the growth and improvement of the child, it satisfy me. I wish I could do more.

The monthly contribution is only RM 65, which may be the cost of a meal to eat out. Contribute to World Vision or sponsoring a child, helps them to get improvement. 

But the money do not go to the children or families directly, but it is used for works likes

- Improve water and sanitation of the area which children would have clean drinking water and sanitation in order to prevent diseases.

- To prevent disease, give families and children access to health care.

- Provide materials and resources for children to get a good education.

- Provide nutritious food to the children and families.

- Giving people ability to change their lives for the better through initiatives like job training and micro loans. 

Whenever I receive "report card" or newsletter from world vision, I felt I/we are so lucky and so blessed that we have so much more than these children. And I always felt that we shall share the love to those children and families also.

Another organization which helps local Malaysia children, is UNICEF. They are also always looking for funding. 

While seeing our children growth so healthily and happily, I hope if you are able, do help those who need helps, You are the angel in their lives and you would be a good model for your children. Action is speak louder than words! 

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